Select a SingleScore Converter

Which model is right for you? We offer three models of SingleScore converters: wired, wireless and combination. If you use your current controller or console to control only a single scoreboard and you plug a cable in to your current scoreboard controller or console, then most likely a wired converter is what you need. If your controller or console has an antenna on the back and you do not plug in a cable to control the scoreboard, then a wireless version is required. If you use your controller or console on multiple boards, some wired and some wireless, a combo converter will give you the flexibility you need.

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Setup the SingleScore Converter

Once you receive your SingleScore converter, setting it up is very easy. If you purchased a wired converter or a combination converter that works with a wired scoreboard, plug the cable that normally plugs into the gray controller or console box into the SingleScore converter. For a radio converter, there is no cable to plug in.

Next, attach the power cord that came with your converter and plug it into an outlet. During startup, notice the blue light flashes on and off a couple times. After a few seconds (less than half a minute) this light will turn back on and remain solid. This means the converter is on and ready.

Next Step: Setup the Free SingleScore App to Control your Scoreboard.