Control The On-Field Scoreboard With Your Mobile Device.

With a SingleScore converter and a mobile device running the SingleScore app, scoring a game has never been easier. An intuitive interface that looks like the scoreboard you are controlling will get you up to speed quickly. The SingleScore app is currently available for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer scoring. Sport specific scoring enables quicker, more accurate scoring. Running on a mobile device means fewer buttons to push, and no more resetting the board in the middle of a game to correct a mistake. Tap or swipe to update the scoreboard, it's that easy.

Want to share game status. SingleScore offers an embeddable widget that you can add to your website. Now fans anywhere can follow the progress of the game - as its happening. Create a virtual scoreboard and see for yourself.

Whether you're looking for a replacement for your current controller or console, trying to make scoring easier for your scorekeepers, or allow fans to keep up with the action, a SingleScore converter can help. Get a SingleScore converter today.

SingleScore converters are compatible with over a 150 models of Electro-Mech scoreboards, and many Fair-Play scoreboards, including wired and wireless models. We also support wired Daktronics scoreboards. SingleScore converters interface with the scoreboards and the correct version must be purchased to match the Scoreboard you wish to control. If you don't see your scoreboard model in the list, please contact us at so we can confirm that SingleScore is compatible with your scoreboard.

Getting Started with SingleScore